lancet2 (lancet2) wrote,

The Perfect Game by Velma (Slash)

Autor: Velma
Fandom: NSync
Pairing: JC/Chris
Kategorie: RPF

Eigentlich ist alles ganz einfach. Manche Leute sind die Realität, andere nur eine Phantasie, und man muss bloß wissen, wer was ist. The Perfect Game.
What really cemented it was Superbowl XXX. The Steelers were taking on the Cowboys, and if anyone hated the Cowboys with the fury of a thousand burning suns, it was a Redskins fan. January 28, 1996, and they were really still a fledgling group but it didn’t matter that day because Chris and JC were brothers in arms, soulmates even, bent on witnessing the humiliation and destruction of the arrogant assholes in the blue and white.
Of course, it didn’t happen that way.
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